The beasts marches on...Battle impending.

After our second round of the Warhammer Campaign the beastmen have increased their territory by another two hexes. The big challenge will be the up coming three way Triumph and Treachery between my beastmen and my opponents Bretonnia and Dark Elves.

As Morthog marched his warhounds had been scouting a bit ahead and found a ragged band of Gors lead by a weak and battered Wargor. After a short and really onesided battle the Wargor lies splitt in half at the feet of Morthog. The rest of the Gors decides to join Morthogs growing herd. When the herd arrives at the area were the shard of the cometh is supposed to have fallen they can in the distance see the bright and colorful banners of the Bretonnian Knights on one side and on the other side there is the menacingly banners of a Dark Elf host. The air is filled with tension as the three armies watches to see who will make the first move.

Meanwhile have Rothgar moved closer to the lands of Bretonnia claming border territories preparing to launch an raid into the lands of knights.


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