Triumph and Treachery

So beastmens first battle in the campaign was a Triumph and Treachery against Bretonnia and Dark Elves. It ended up being a really close fight in the end but the victory went to the Dark Elves. The Bretonnia player said he had to pass up his first turn to Pray. In hindsight we all think that is strange, if that is how it is ment to be a Bretonnia player could see the other players in a T&T game do two turns before he could act. Some post discussion about that got us to think he should just be the last to act in turn 1. We will take it up in the next campaign meeting and suggest that is how we will play it in the campaigns T&T battles.
I ended up having just my lvl 1 Bray Shaman left on the board at the end of the game. That is mostly my fault for doing a couple of bad decisions and rolling poorly but also from my opponents making great tactical moves and rolling good. Highlight for me at the game was my horde of gors, BSB and shaman taking on the horde of Witchelves. After a couple of turns of close combat the witchelves had killed my gors to a man and put a wound on each of my heroes, those two guys held on snake eyes. My Shaman did kill his Hag and 5 other guys in total. In the last round of close combat my BSB and Shaman killed a total of 5 witchelves and took no wounds. He failed his leadership and reroll, then my guys proceeded to run down the 10-12 witchelves that remained. After the battle my BSB has got -1 movement and my Gorebull is -1 Attack and can not use Great Weapons, hand weapon and shield or additional hand weapons. He has more or less lost an arm. Now to the battle itself.
Morthog stood on the hill looking out over the landscape, on his left he could see the sun glinting of lance tips and shining armour of the Knights of Bretonnia and on his right he could see the Dark Elf troops moving into the little seattlement and occupying the houses with crossbowmen. With a loud roar he sent his herd moving forward, the warhounds moving quickly towards the house to see what more the elves had hidden there. A small pack of Gors marched straight towards the Bretonnian lines, Morthog took his Minotaurs and marched along side the Gors. Bringing up the rear was the big horde of Gors with the battle standard and shaman. All three sides started of cautiously but that all changed when the elves rained down arrows on the warhounds killing half of them. The horde of gors moved towards the darkelves and could soon see a horde of witch elves coming towards them. Morthog took his Minotaurs in behind a large monument surwaying the battlefield. The knights held back watching and launching some rocks into the darkelf lines killing half of the Executioners. The beastmen to this chance to charge into the witchelves and Executioners as it was a good opening. The battle between the gors and Witchelves became a bloody mess gors and elves falling left and right. The Shaman found the Dark elf hag and went after her with his staff and dagger. Blades clashed and they both looked eyes as they began their fight. But at one point the Hag swung wide in her frenzy and gave the shaman an opening, he plunged his dagger deep into her heart. Soon after that the witch elves turned and tried to run but the Shaman Marathor and the wargor Korath chased them down and killed them all. Mean while Morthog had underestimated the Executioners whom decimated his minotaurs and made them turn and run. (Bad impact hit rolls and -1 to hit and bad rolls on my part.) As they ran the bretonninan knights charged out running down the minotaurs and the small pack of gors. At this point a gravely wounded Morthog decided to turn and head for safety, the enemy had become all to numerous for them and he had underestimated them all. Heading back into the forest to recover and reinforce his army Morthog swore revenge on both men and elves. He will not let this go unpunished.

The beasts marches on...Battle impending.

After our second round of the Warhammer Campaign the beastmen have increased their territory by another two hexes. The big challenge will be the up coming three way Triumph and Treachery between my beastmen and my opponents Bretonnia and Dark Elves.

As Morthog marched his warhounds had been scouting a bit ahead and found a ragged band of Gors lead by a weak and battered Wargor. After a short and really onesided battle the Wargor lies splitt in half at the feet of Morthog. The rest of the Gors decides to join Morthogs growing herd. When the herd arrives at the area were the shard of the cometh is supposed to have fallen they can in the distance see the bright and colorful banners of the Bretonnian Knights on one side and on the other side there is the menacingly banners of a Dark Elf host. The air is filled with tension as the three armies watches to see who will make the first move.

Meanwhile have Rothgar moved closer to the lands of Bretonnia claming border territories preparing to launch an raid into the lands of knights.

The battle for the cometh

So for some time a friend of mine have been writing on a campaign for Warhammer Fantasy. Now after getting some feedback and updates we are ready to kick of this 8 player campaign. The goal is to collect a cometh and bring it back to your own land. But to do this you need to collect 3 smaller pieces of the cometh. The first moves have been resulting in expanding of territories and only one battle. I will keep updating with text and pictures in how my beastmen can hold their own in this more fluff like campaign.
The clearing was eerily lit by the bonfire at it's center, shadows of grotesque figures danced on the trunks and leaves of the trees. The beastly figures roared, howled and brayed to the sounds of primitive drums. Closest to the bonfire a cloacked figure carrying a staff stod waving the staff over a kneeling but still massive figure. With a last toss of the staff the cloaked figure drove it's end into the ground leaving it standing slightly quivering. At just that moment the drums, the moving of bodies and all sounds stopped. Accompanied by the crackling of the fire the massive figure stood. It's features was briefly shown by a dancing flame. He was Morthog Facesplitter, a huge and strong minotaur, leader of this meager band of beastmen. His shaman Rothgar had told him that tonight a sign from the chaos gods would lead them. As Morthog prepared to speak to his followers he could see that they all looked past him up into the sky. As he looked up he saw a bright red light cross the nightsky. With a roar he gripped his fearsome cleaver and charged after the light, so did every other beastmen under him. All of them lust in bloodlust and hunger for meat. Suddenly the light split into many streaks of light. After a glance towards his shaman he charged after one of the closest ones.
Early that morning the reached the edge of the beastmen territory. They all paused still a bit bloodcrazed and riled up. After some thinking Morthog sent Rothgar and half of his force of towards the lands of a Bretonninan Knight. He could not resist striking a blow against those hateful and supposedly holy knights. Morthog himself took the other half of his force and headed towards the area where the light had hit the ground. Not knowing that forces of Dark Elves and Bretonninan Knights had mobilized to the beastmen burnt and slaughtered their way towards their destination. As they moved unhindered small forces of beastmen moved in wanting to join the herd in it's advance. Morthog and Rothgar now seperated from each other had to think carefully about who they would let join the herd.
Rothgar kept moving in the forest razing every little settlement they came across, while Morthog moved more open leaving pillars of black smoke behind from burnt villages.

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